headphones FA-003Ti-W bog oak
headphones FA-003Ti-W bog oakheadphones FA-003Ti-W bog oakheadphones FA-003Ti-W bog oak

FA-003Ti-W Bog Oak


Hi-Fi grade monitor headphones

  • Driver dia: 42 mm

  • Frequency range: 10-26000 Hz

  • Sensitivity: 101 dB

  • Impedance: 64 Ohm

  • Maximum power input: 500 mW

  • Cable length: 3.0 m

  • Jack: 3.5 мм

  • Wood: 

Product Description

The perfect combination of nature and design, these headphones are a delight to use and wear. We used bog oak for the ear cups so that each pair of headphones would have a unique tone of color. We chose bog oak also for its unique properties – hard yet porous, it gives the sound a combination of the acoustic properties of both hard and soft wood species. As with all Fischer Audio headphones, we ensured these headphones are ergonomically designed and continue to be comfortable to wear no matter how long you’ve used them for.


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