headphones FA-011 LEJ
headphones FA-011 LEJheadphones FA-011 LEJheadphones FA-011 LEJ

FA-011 Limited Edition Japan


Hi-Fi circum-aural headphones with wooden cups

  • Driver dia: 40 mm

  • Frequency range: 16-25000 Hz

  • Sensitivity: 98 dB

  • Impedance: 160 Ohm

  • Maximum power input: 400 mW

  • Cable length: 2.5 m

  • Jack: 3.5 мм

Product Description

Instead of beech wood, used in the original FA-011, for this limited edition we used exotic timber species such as Peruvian walnut which gives the sound monumentality, tiamo – for its light and airy sound, khaya – ideal for “live” instruments, practically neutral sapele timber and others. All headphones of this line are handmade and manufactured by a single craftsman and thus their quantity is extremely limited. The strict requirements of the Japanese market, uncompromising approach to the component selection and manual assembly are reflected in the price, which is higher than the price for the regular FA-011 models. A magnificent sound quality and elegant design are the defining characteristics of this exclusive, one of a kind model. With this limited edition model you get the greatest attention to detail. For example, the logo cast of the acoustically inactive alloy gives the model an elegant look. It also helps reduce the parasitic resonances of the ear cup net. The heavy-gauge cable with a shielded structure is made of high-quality copper produced by Schulz (Germany). Cable length of 2.5 metres allows you to use the headphones comfortably. A high-quality Amphenol connector (USA), compliant with rigorous industrial standards is used for the connection with audio equipment.In the design of the frequency correction filter we used components produced by Nichicon (Japan), Panasonic (Japan) and Vishay (USA). The headphones are equipped with thin-film low-noise resistors and bipolar capacitors of the highest quality, normally used only in professional lines. These enhancements combined with other Fischer Audio know-how raised the FA-011 Limited Edition model to a new level of quality. The model, custom-designed for our Japanese distributors, gained popularity among the most demanding music lovers around the world. We have no doubt you will love it too.


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