headphones jubilate 64
headphones jubilate 64headphones jubilate 64headphones jubilate 64

Jubilate 64 Tiama


Hi-Fi grade monitor headphones

  • Driver dia: 40 mm

  • Frequency range: 10-22000 Hz

  • Sensitivity: 103 dB

  • Impedance: 165 Ohm

  • Maximum power input: 300 mW

  • Cable length: 3.0 m

  • Jack: 3.5 мм

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Product Description

Elegant design and exquisite finish demonstrate triumph of taste. High quality of sound is reached by application of wooden ear cups made of exotic hardwood and have a sophisticated internal geometric form, designed and fabricated with application of precision equipment taking into account all special features of acoustic design, and audio filter APE-02. Each tone of wood makes a model especially charming. Convenient design and light weight provide high level of comfort even in case of long term everyday use. Comfortable headband with automatic volume adjustment.

Jubilate 64 Tiama

Freshly sawn Tiama has a pinkish brown to uniformly red colour, darkening after exposure to dark red brown. The sapwood is up to 100 m thick and has a grey-white to light pink colour and sometimes juvenile wood (transition wood) occurs. Like Kosipo, Tiama contains resin in the wood. The wood structure is straight to irregular and often interlocked. The texture is medium coarse.

Tiama is available in very limited quantities in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Congo Basin of Gabon. The tree has a straight and cylindrical trunk and reaches up to 40-50 m, normally with a diameter between 70 and 120 cm (sometimes 200 cm).